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    When it comes to cleaning your body, it is important to consider the ingredients being used to create the soaps that are cleansing your skin. While some manufacturers prefer to fill their soaps with artificial ingredients and preservatives, at LuLu & Oliver, we prefer artisan soaps made with the best natural ingredients available.  Our goal has been and continues to be to search the globe for handcrafted soap that will meet our customers’ high expectations.  Here are some of the many reasons we believe artisan soap is a superior product.

    • Artisan soap uses safe, natural ingredients. Instead of blasting your body with artificial ingredients that could leave your skin dry and itchy, the handcrafted soap we carry are created to safely cleanse your skin without irritation.
    • All natural soaps smell great. While many big companies like to add artificial fragrances to overpower the scent of the preservatives and dyes used in their soaps, we carry great smelling artisan soaps with fresh, natural scents on their own.
    • Natural handmade soap is created using the slow cold process method. By not introducing heat to all natural soaps, the highly quality natural ingredients are preserved without adding artificial fillers. Therefore, when you use a natural bar soap, you are using artisan soap with the freshest cleaning power.

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