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    Sugar scrubs are a decadent way to slough away dead skin cells and attain silky-smooth skin. Between the sweet aroma and the luxurious texture, exfoliating with a sugar-based scrub evokes a sense of indulgence in your skincare routine.   The skin on your body is tougher than that on your face. In other words, the safest place to use exfoliating scrubs is on the body. Whether you've got oily skin, dry skin, or acne-prone skin, every skin type can benefit from body exfoliation.
    It also helps other skincare products like moisturizers and oils work more effectively. Hydrating and moisturizing healthy cells instead of dead cells can promote smoother, softer skin.  Additionally, exfoliating with a sugar scrub is great for stimulating and increasing blood circulation for neck to toe radiance.
    Benefits of Exfoliating with a Sugar Scrub
    • It unclogs pores
    • It helps other products penetrate better
    • It clears and prevents breakouts
    • It boosts cell turnover
    • It simulates collagen synthesis
    • It promotes smoother, softer skin 

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